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UC Browser 3.2 For Windows Phone Released With Enhanced Features

UCWeb, a global leading provider of mobile internet software and services, today released UC Browser 3.2 for Windows Phone with long-awaited Background Download capability and many more features. The latest UC Browser version 3.2 is now available on the WP Store (for both WP8 and 7.x), and has following features :


1. Background Download

You can keep on downloading files even after you have exit UC Browser. The download process will continue even after you completely close UC Browser. Moreover, the download process will automatically resume if the download is interrupted for some reasons, again, all in the background.

download (1)

2. Enhanced Download Management

The new download management system allows you to categorize downloaded files and get quick access to them. It comes in handy if you have downloaded lots of files, and want a quick way to find what you want.  Download management helps you get quick access to downloaded video.

3. UDisk 

UC Browser 3.2 comes with UDisk, a cloud storage service that allows you to store files on the cloud. After signing up for a UC account, you will get 6GB of space to store downloads on UDisk directly: with 2GB permanent and 4GB temporary storage.

4. Optimized Preloading 

The feature of Preloading gives you a smoother reading of paged websites. It creates a seamless reading experience with the next page being automatically loaded when you reach the end of your current page. With this 3.2 version it now works on even more sites.

Compared with default IE, UC Browser has significantly more features and allows a smoother user experience. Thanks to cloud acceleration and data compression technology, it reduces data consumption and loads web content much faster. It supports more Gestures than IE does, for instance, swipe right to go back a page or left to go forward instantly without refreshing the web content – these simple gestures not only save your time and data, but also deliver a great interactive experience.

You can personalize the Speed Dial, pick a font to display webpages under Speed Mode, as well as change the background and skin by selecting pictures from the UC Theme Center or from your own albums.

It also offers flexible browsing modes to cater for individual preferences and different environments. Under Night Mode, the screen is dimmed and the contrast in visual style is reduced to save users’ eyes from harm by the glaring screen in low light settings; Speed Mode lets you surf at superfast speeds, and Incognito Browsing allows you browse in stealth without your browsing history being recorded. Moreover, by entering Visit as PC mode, you can experience the full features of webpages as if on a PC. On the contrary, Text-only Browsing strips away images, and will display only the text of webpages.


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