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UCWeb Launches Mobile Game in India -UC Crazy Run

UCWeb, provider of UC browser, has entered the mobile gaming segment and and launched its first mobile game- UC Crazy Run. This game will be exclusively released on 9Game.com, UCWeb’s Android game distribution platform with over 60 million monthly active players and a highly active gamer community. After few days of exclusivity on 9Game, the game will also be released on Google Play next week.

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UC Crazy Run game features the UC Browser character that fans have grown to love.The game is easy-to-play making it an entertaining way to pass time. In the game, the player controls a fast-running squirrel by jumping and sliding to collect coins, diamonds and pine cones, as well as to collect tools and items. The coins, diamonds and pine cones can be used to buy and upgrade power-ups, while the tools/items give the squirrel extra powers. For instance, the rocket can help the squirrel run twice as fast as normal.

Aside from UC Crazy Run’s endless story line that promises hours and hours of continuous fun, players will also appreciate the game’s fancy graphics and futuristic city background. More maps and scenarios are unlocked as players go farther in the game so they can enjoy the novelty of each scene while they advance.

Players of UC Crazy Run can earn 20,000 coins in the game by downloading UC Browser now, and another 20,000 coins by signing up for a UC account. Players can also share their highest scores on UC Browser’s Facebook orTwitter pages to win prizes.


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