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Samsung To Unveil Galaxy S5 Tomorrow At MWC

images (3)Tomorrow is the big day for MWC when Samsung will be unveileing its latest flagship smartphone – Galaxy S5 at an event in Barcelona. This upcoming smartphone has invited media attention for months and lot of articles have been written on this smartphone – how it will look like, about its hardware and software features. To create buzz in the market, Samsung has also released a teaser which gives indication of its features.

As per the teaser, the Galaxy S5 will be waterproof and dustproof. How this feature is useful is another matter of discussions as majority of users would not like to take the expensive device in the water when enjoying their swimming rides.

Another feature which is highlighted in the teaser is that Galaxy S5 will have a powerful camera, and we suspect that it will come with a 16MP camera with a new CMOS image sensor dubbed ISOCELL which isolates individual pixels, which in turn leads to higher colour fidelity, for sharper, richer images.

As per strong rumors, the Galaxy S5 will sport an edge-to-edge design, and Samsung may dispense with the home button on the device. The Galaxy S5 is also expected to sport a 5.2 or 5.25-inch AMOLED screen with a WQHD resolution (2560×1440) delivering 560ppi. The new iteration of Galaxy S5 is also speculated to be fuelled by a powerful 3600 mAh battery, with wireless charging feature. Nowadays, all the vendors are giving lot of attention to the battery capacity because of increased usuage of content on smartphones. Of late, alll the smartphones from the stable of LG, Sony and Chinese companies are coming with larger battery. Hence, Samsung can’t lag behind as their smartphones are criticised for smaller battery capacity and this time, Samsung will fill this gap by providing very strong and battery of large capacity in its Galaxy S5. This is the most desired need of the hour.

In the teaser of Galaxy S5, there is no indication about fingerprint scanning, still many speculators believe that since Samsung competitors like Apple with the iPone 5S and HTC with the One Max have already incorporated it in their flaghship devices, Samsung may be forced to come out with similar feature on its Galaxy S5.
We are few hours away from the launch of Galaxy S5. Let us see what is in store for the followers of Samsung! One thing is sure that for achieving grand success for its Galaxy S5, Samsung will have to give utmost importance to the price factor. This device should be priced in such a way that more  and more people could buy it and they don’t have to wait to buy its compact or stripped-down version.


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