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Update Music Player Of Nokia 5230, 5800 and X6 To Show Lyrics

Nokia recently pushed a music player update for Nokia 5230, 5800 and X6 (As fas as i know). This update has been marked “Optional” and rightly so as it brings a new feature of showing lyrics on your mobile phone and no other feature/function. Music Player has been updated to version 15.2 (1034) [to be exact ;)] which allows you to show embedded lyrics of any song (in now playing) on your mobile phone screen. Currently Music Player update is available via OTA. In order to get this update follow the steps:

  1. Open “Software Update”.
  2. Select “Music Player Update”.
  3. Tap on “Options” –> “Start Update”.
  4. Once the update is installed restart your mobile phone to see the changes.

To see the changes, play a song (on your mobile phone, do I need to tell you :p) and go to “Now Playing”. In “Now Playing” screen tap on “Options” wherein you will see the option “Show Lyrics” (This might already be enabled).

NOTE: After rebooting your phone, the Music Player might take some time to start initially and might show a black screen. That’s normal, let it take time. Don’t panic.


  1. Lyrics won’t be shown/downloaded automatically. You need to have songs with embedded lyrics before you can view them on your phone. Use itunes to embedd lyrics.

  2. i have nokia x6 but it dose not show the lyrics….i dnt get it how to embed the lyrics…it just shows a black screen when i go to show lyrics???

  3. Yes. The lyrics should be embedded for you to see them on the mobile screen while listening. I don’t think there is any software difference between the different variants of Nokia 5230 being supplied.

  4. So you also need 1 song with the lyrics already embedded and it will become available in the music player in my case, since I think maybe my nokia 5230 isn’t the latest hardware. And maybe then the software symbian doesn’t work that good too ? My type of Nokia 5230 is RM-588, and I know there are minimum 3 diffirent more types later manufactered. So if they are later manufactured they maybe will work a little better ?

  5. I don’t seem to have it, I have the latest update already installed. I even put my phone on English. But it still says Go to music store in my own language. I have 1034 but it says 10.02 instead of 10.2 that’s my version of the music player. And how do these lyrics work, on any mp3 or do you need wma music or smt ?

  6. The latest firmware update for Nokia5230 includes this update. Enable it by tapping on ‘option’s’ in music player and selecting ‘show lyrics’.

  7. why my player cannot show the lyrcs evn i have update it??
    it is need to upgrade to version 50.o.oo7 b4 updte its??

  8. Hi,

    I get the following

    [boot loader]
    [operating systems]
    multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=”Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
    C:\=”Microsoft Windows”

    can I just remove the C:\=”Microsoft Windows” , if I want to remove the windows




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