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Use Microsoft 70-764 Exam to Secure Your Position as Infrastructure Analyst! How Can Practice Tests Help?

Have you ever wondered why top management trust infrastructure analysts so much? The IT specialists working in this position have extensive knowledge of managing SQL Database Infrastructure and have a great contribution to the company’s processes. Apart from being extremely agile individuals, these specialists also need extensive training in this domain.

The Exam-Labs.com is the secret weapon you can use to obtain a job as an infrastructure analyst in any international company. This accreditation can be obtained after passing two exams with codes 70-764 and 70-765 respectively.

This article will help you get closer to obtaining your MCSA accreditation in SQL 2016 Database Administration. We will tell you more about test 70-764 and how you can train to obtain the passing score in it using both the Microsoft official prep resources and practice tests. Moreover, from this post you’ll know more about the annual salary that an infrastructure analyst can get.

Learn More about 70-764 Test

This Visit MCSA accreditation that validates your skills in SQL 2016 Database Administration is a two-step process. As you remember, you will need to pass the Microsoft 70-764 and 70-765 tests to attain this Microsoft badge. As this article is dedicated to the first assessment, you should study to develop your knowledge of the following topics:

• Effective data access set-up and evaluation;

• Management of company’s database and creation of recurrent backups to prevent data loss;

• Creation and management of different SQL Server instances;

• Development of different policies to protect the company’s data from disaster and ensuring that there are no pauses in the company’s activity.

The registration fee for taking the MD-100 Exam assessment is $165. As for its structure, you will have 120 minutes to answer between 40 to 60 different questions. You shouldn’t also forget that this test alongside 70-765 and its related credential will be withdrawn by the vendor from January 31, 2021. You shouldn’t worry about this news as Microsoft will take care to introduce the replacing assessments & certification that will help students add accreditation to their resume.

How Much Does an Infrastructure Analyst Earn in One Year?

Payscale.com estimates that an infrastructure analyst can earn, on average, a little bit more than $70k in one year. The lowest annual pay that a beginner infrastructure analyst can earn is $48k. A specialist who adds the MCSA credential to his/her resume can add $97k to his/her accounts annually. Are you curious to know which companies are interested in hiring a skilled infrastructure analyst?

Accenture, Oakwood Systems Group, and Highmark, Inc. are some of the top companies that are keen to add an infrastructure analyst to their teams. John Deere is the most generous corporation for infrastructure analysts, offering an annual payment of $86,210.

Now that you know how much you can earn as an infrastructure analyst you should get ready for Click here 70-764 studying.

Prepare for Microsoft 70-764 Exam with Microsoft Training Resources

The official Microsoft training resources are the first option that the majority of candidates’ access when they start preparing for their 70-764. If you are the type of student who learns very well when attending instructor-led classes, then you will find the Microsoft instructor-led training helpful. You will learn from the vendor’s expert trainers everything you need to know about SQL database infrastructure and how to solve the exam items. This is an intensive course available in on-demand and classroom options that will help you get used to the test environment and clarify all concepts during direct talks with your instructor.

In case you are a fan of self-paced courses, then you should try the Microsoft free online training available in the form of 3 courses. You can watch the recorded videos from the comfort of your home and whenever your schedule allows it. While it is less interactive than instructor-led training, this type of preparation can be effective as you can access it whenever you want.

Once you have finalized your training for Microsoft 70-764 exam you should evaluate your knowledge using the Microsoft 70-764 official practice test. You can use this tool to get used to the assessment structure and identify the points where you need to study more. Even though you might not obtain the passing score in this mock from the first use, you should keep trying until you make it perfect.

What Does Certbolt.com Have to Offer You?

Is there something more apart from Microsoft’s training resources? Believe it or not, vce files are an effective training resource that you can use to secure the passing score in 70-764 from the first try. Curious to know more about it?

Certbolt.com is a reliable website where you will discover two types of practice tests. The free 70-764 vce files are the most popular because they cost you nothing & are always updated. Also, they are uploaded by past exam-takers who share their secrets for success.

Why should test-takers download the 70-764 Premium Bundle available on Certbolt.com? Even though you have to pay a fee to download this verified package, the price is very affordable. After you pay just $39.97, you will receive access to an expert-validated mock test with 447 questions and answers. In addition, you will also download a helpful training course of 77 lectures and a consistent study guide of 659 pages to boost your chances of succeeding in your exam.

All Certbolt mocks are available in the vce format. So, you should make sure that you install the VCE Exam Simulator to be able to open these vce files. This educational tool will also help you create Download AZ-301 and get used to the assessment structure.


Passing the Microsoft 70-764 exam is the first step you should take to become a certified specialist in SQL 2016 Database Administration. Obtaining this MCSA credential requires intensive training. So, you should explore all available preparation resources. While the Microsoft courses can help you understand the tested domains better, the reliable practice tests available on Certbolt.com will help you gain a competitive advantage over other candidates for this Microsoft test. The free and paid vce files available on this website will clarify any questions you might have and get you closer to becoming a reputable infrastructure analyst.


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