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Useful iPhone Apps

iPhone has already hit the markets and has proved to be a huge success. It has gained importance among mobile phone user, in no time. And if are one of those who have never used a cell phone or are unaware if the launch dates of iPhone, then refer to this post.

iPhone 3G S Word-wide Launch Dates

iPhone 3GS is the fastest and the most powerful iPhone yet. And with the availability of numerous applications via apple’s online store, iPhone gets even more useful and productive. In this post i am going to share some nice & useful applications :

iPhone App

  • Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

This applications is very useful for those who just love to spend time in their kitchen and make food. It let’s you browse and search over 25,000 delicious recipes on your iPhone. You can then save your favorites, create shopping lists, and email recipes to friends !!

  • F.A.S.T.

It stands for Fleet Air Superiority Training. It’s a 3D game with 360-degree flight simulation. It also provides you with an option to play head-to-head against pilots around the world over Wi-Fi !!

Iphone app 2

  • Mover

This app lets you slide images, contact info, and more from one iPhone to another with a flick of your finger. It’s the easiest way to share photos, contacts, and more with just a flick of your finger!

  • AIM (Free Edition)

It let’s you send instant messages anytime, from anywhere. With AIM, its easier to stay connected to all your instant messaging buddies and keep track of status and location updates in real time. And besides that the push capabilities will keep you notified of new messages, whenever you get a new one.


  1. Hey guys you can also download the Future Scheduler and Location Alerts Productivity apps, they are pretty cool. I am amazed with this app!!! Works perfect for me!


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