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Varsha Gupta Of India Designs Google’s New Doodle – Winner Of Doodle4Google

A seven year old school student Varsha Gupta, of Ryan International School, Noida, won the national level third ‘Doodle4Google’ contest organised in Noida, on Wednesday, 9th November, 2011. Varsha designed the special Doodle illustrating traditional Indian musical instruments, which will be featured online on Google’s India homepage on the upcoming ‘Children’s Day’ for 24-hours.

An elated Varsh  informed the media present at the event that  the design emerged from her t-shirt that showcased her creative Doodle. According to Varsha, she  designed the band including two ‘tablas’ (a pair of hand drums), a ‘veena’ (plucked string instrument) and then  made a ‘shehnai’ (a wooden aerophonic instrument) and then  made a ‘ghungroo’ (anklet made from small metallic bells).

Managing Director and VP Sales and Operations for Google India Rajan Anandan and Jennifer Hom, the creative brainchild behind Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary doodle along with global Google’s Doodle team attended the event. Apart from a winning certificate, Google India, handed Varsha with a laptop, a year’s internet connection and Rs. 200,000/- technology grant for her school. Varsha’s creation was selected on the basis of artistic merit, creativity, and expression of the doodle theme ‘India’s gift to the world’.

The recreated Google logo popularly known as Doodle was chosen form over a million entries from across India!


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