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VirusTotal Android App Detects Spammy Apps On Your Phone

Ever thought that the android apps installed on your mobile phone could be carrying Virus or potential spamware even though you had them installed from Google Play….!? Yeah, well that can happen. Here comes VirusTotal android app, an app which once installed detects potential virus carrying apps on your device.

VirusTotal android app works on a very simple mechanism. Every time you run VirusTotal, it prepares a database of all the applications installed in your android phone. It then scans the database against it’s own database online and discrepancies are shown appropriately.

VirusTotal scans the details of the application against the results of 41 antivirus vendors and shows the results in orders manner.

It’s an application worthy of installing after all you’ll know if the security of your android device is at stake or not! VirusTotal is available for free in Google Play store and can be downloaded using the image link below 🙂


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