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Voxdox – Text-to-Speech Application For iPhone, Android Mobile Phones, Tablets

Root Applications, a developer of advanced text-to-speech solutions, today announced Voxdox – a new, revolutionary application for mobile phones and tablets. In addition to converting text files, such as Word and PDF, the innovative application allows users to take pictures of printed pages and even entire books, using the mobile phone’s camera, and instantly convert them to speech.


The unique application is available now for iPhone, Android and tablet. It reads out any form of text in a human voice, according to the user’s choice. Voxdox converts files, papers, articles, contracts and even full-length books to quality speech in over 20 languages. What’s more, the application can also instantly translate the text and read it in the language that the user chooses from the languages supported by the system.

In addition to text-to-speech converting, Voxdox allows users to share their audio files with others, using Voxbox, the app’s integrated social database. People who wish to share their text and audio only with friends, classmates or colleagues can use Facebook to define which of their networks will have access to materials uploaded to Voxbox.

“Voxdox is an ideal solution for people who want to save and utilize time that until now has been wasted, such as while driving a car, walking in the park and more,” said Ben Bar-Or, Root Applications’ CEO. “In addition, it is an optimal application for visually impairedpeople or those who have difficulty reading over long hours. They can now use the Voxdox.”


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