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Web Development Process – When To Start And Where To Stop

Web development is a very interesting field. Well, actually more than interesting. It has got this strange, multi-level, jargonistic feel to it that really makes the viewer stunned.

Web Development makes you feel like God, I mean, I can tell by experience. You feel like you can do anything, make anything, you know, the master of your own world. This is why a lot of creative people tend to pick this to be their profession.

However, one thing that you must note is that development of a website involves much more than coding and designing. See basically making a product is like manufacturing goods. That by itself is not really a very profitable process. What makes a product valuable and meaningful is its reception by the people. Now unless there is demand for something, what use is it to make it?

The Design Conundrum

Designing is mystical. You know, it is the most powerful tool that can hit the people in the first go. You want your website to be taken seriously. You want people to like it and to appreciate it. That would make your site really valuable.

You must design your site in a way that is maximally optimized for the kind of audience you are expecting on it. Your website has to be such that it makes its message loud and clear and everything is put in the most delightful way possible.

The Post Production Hum Drum

Alright, so you have designed a stunning website with all the classy features that you could hope for. Now what? Most people in the industry recognize the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization is a process in which one makes his website friendly to the search engine crawlers so that when someone types in a search, it can be listed amongst the top few suggestions.

Search optimization is very important, because as anyone would have observed, whenever we search for anything on the internet, we prefer to open the sites mentioned amongst the top 3 or 4 suggestions. Now, you definitely want your website to rank high so that more and more people can see it.


Apart from Search engine optimization, another very important aspect of web development is web marketing. I know that a lot of people sideline it for miscellaneous reasons, it is important to understand that unless you tell people about it, they have no reason whatsoever to come to your site.

The present day and age, with its development in technology offers many opportunities and platforms for marketing your website. You can use other websites for back linking and showcasing how wonderful your website is, or you can use the power of your existing users to get more in.

Sharing has become a powerful and popular syndrome these days. Most people find networking on a social media site a very convenient way to distribute and market their brands and products. Therefore you can use these platforms to market your brand.


This article has been written by Daniel. He is an experienced PHP Developer, associated with well-recognized Web Development Company. He loves writing on a myriad of niches including web development, blogging, internet marketing, and many more. You can follow him on Facebook – VITEB.



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