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Whip Like Sheldon Cooper With Black Whip Android App

Remember the episode “The Weekend Vortex” of The Big Bang Theory (Season 5) where Sheldon Cooper teases Howard with a whip sound?

Yeah, well, the first time I saw it, I was intimidated by the app they were using on their iPhone. Fortunately, a quick look around the Google Play store resulted in Black Whip popping up. Black Whip is available for free on Google Play store and it does the same job as its name, producing whip sound as done by Sheldon Cooper.

The app offers various whip sounds, with the one featuring in TBBT being default one (and the recommend one). Using the app is pretty elementary, it offers 2 modes to generate whip sound:

  • Using motion sensor
  • Tapping the button on screen

The sensitivity of motion sensor can be controlled from within the app.

If you are a fan of The Big Bang Theory and/or Sheldon Cooper, then this is the app to install. Use it to mock people, motivate them or just for fun. Get it now from Google Play store for free using image link below.


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