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Win Free Licenses Of BlackBaller Pro: Call And SMS Filtering Mobile App

In the previous article a very useful call and sms blocking mobile application BlackBaller was discussed. You can read full review of BlackBaller by visiting the following link:

BlackBaller: Keep Spam SMS & Calls At Bay, Far From Your Ears To Listen & Eyes To Read

As gesture to the readers of TechVorm, I’ll be giving away 10 genuine Lifetime licenses of BlackBaller Pro (BBPro) worth $150 (Roughly Rs. 6500) for FREE! All those who are using Symbian or Android based mobile phone’s can participate in this contest and win a genuine license of this call and sms filtering mobile app for free. Before I let you know terms and conditions of participating in this contest, here’s a brief intro about BlackBaller Pro:

BlackBaller runs quietly in background and monitors all the incoming text/voice calls. It operates on a unique filter based system (can be used to one’s preference) which define rules for the app to follow which in turn blocks all the unwanted calls and text messages (including MMS).

Coming back to the contest. Following are the ways through which you can give yourself a chance of winning a copy of BlackBaller:

  • Subscribe to the email newsletter from the grey box give below.
  • Leave a meaningful comment on the review article of BlackBaller. Here’s link to the article –> BlackBaller Review
  • Tweet about this giveaway article using the twitter share icon located below this article. (Not compulsory)

Last thing you gotta do is leave a comment below confirming your participation in this contest along with twitter status update (in case you tweeted). Consider this as a mandatory step as well.

How Winner Will Be Chosen

The winner will be chosen at random using Random.org. In short everything depends on your luck!

This contest will run for a period of 7 days from 25th May, 2011 to 31st May, 2011. Entries will be closed thereafter and winners will be declared on 3rd June, 2011 in this article as an update.

All the best to all the participants! Remember to share this article with your friends as well to give them a chance of winning a license of BlackBaller too!


There wasn’t much to choose from. Unfortunately (and discouragingly) the number of entries were limited hence there wasn’t any competition at all. Here are the winners:

  • Steve
  • Ringku Debnath
  • Deepak lathyan
  • Chetan Agrawal and
  • handonia

Congratulations to all the 5 winners!

All of you are requested to contact me via email at admin[at]techvorm.com with your first name, last name and preferred email address.


  1. its a gr8 software,i have used it previously and by this i can be escaped from the calls of my friend when i don’t want to talk with them..its a gr8 software.

  2. Subscribed to email newsletter and left a comment on the blackballer article.
    Hope I win a free copy!

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