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BlackBaller: Keep Spam SMS & Calls At Bay, Far From Your Ears To Listen & Eyes To Read

Wasting time attending calls of telemarketers, deleting spam sms’s can be a frustrating job especially for those who need to filter out these things from the usual callers/sms’s. You cannot afford to devote your precious time in answering such useless calls or text messages. Although government’s all over the globe including India have set up National Do Not Call register’s but still somehow these pesky callers and sms’s mend their way out.

Now that telecoms are acting at their end and are unsuccessful, as a mobile phone user, you can avoid this menace by using a smart mobile application viz. BlackBaller. A product of Killer Mobile, BlackBaller/BBPro S60 is an intelligent mobile application available for Symbian, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile users which keeps all the spam sms’s and calls at bay, far from your ears to listen and eyes to read any nuisance.

BlackBaller, weighing just under 600 KB runs quietly in background and monitors all the incoming text/voice calls. It operates on a unique filter based system (can be used to one’s preference) which define rules for the app to follow which in turn blocks all the unwanted calls and text messages (including MMS). The reason why I wrote ‘unwanted’ instead of ‘spam’ is that using BlackBaller you can avoid any person(s) from your phonebook or any particular number. As an example, I’ll discuss the filter’s used by me to dodge those unwanted calls and messages. Following 3 are currently setup in BlackBaller:

  • White list – Leaving aside a set of numbers entered, it blocks all the other callers and sends them a busy tone (Reject’s call). Useful when I am attending a lecture or in a meeting.
  • TM – Basically all the spam sms’s come with a 2 letter prefix i.e TZ, TM, LM, etc. By selecting ‘Marketing SMS’ from Filter list snd entering TM there, I have specifically told BlackBaller to block all sms’s which contain the 2 letter word TM as their prefix. Life has been easier after that!

BlackBaller Filter

What I discussed above was the core functionality of BlackBaller, it does something more and something very useful besides blocking calls and text messages. BlackBaller also comes with a feature that allows you to use it as an on device answering machine. Answering machine adds an extra level of sensibility to this app. Combined with filter’s, answering machine greets the caller (on the blocked list) with a customizable pre-recorded message and caller can leave a message which can be later on heard and responded to appropriately.

All in all it’s just amazing to see so many features packed in just 600 KB installation. I don’t have a single negative point for this application. Everything works just well and more importantly there’s no drain either on mobile phone’s battery or RAM usage.

BlackBaller is available for Symbian, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile and costs $15 (for symbian). You can buy BlackBaller directly from Killer Mobile’s website. Also, there’s a lite version of BlackBaller available which is a stripped down version but gives you some (only some) idea about the full version of app. BlackBaller lite can be downloaded from OVI Store.


  1. this software nt working with my nokia 5233 .but license is perfect..thanks for its license.

  2. hi ..i like the reviews about blackballer..and i want to use it..hope to win a license for this.

  3. The lite version just highlights what BlackBaller can do. There’s a comprehensive list of features which are there in BlackBaller Pro but excluded from lite version. Also, a contest is in progress where free license of BlackBaller is being given away 🙂

  4. Hello,
    Any Idea what trial version offers. I am using a trial version and interested in knowing what features are left after that.

  5. I used the lite version of BlackBaller and it really saved me from those unwanted
    marketing sms!


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