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Windfall For Primax – Suppliers of Wireless Charger Module For New Nokia Lumia 920

As reported by a Taiwan-based website Digitimes, Nokia is procuring its wireless chargers module for its recently announced Windows 8 based Lumia 920 smartphone from Primax Electronics, which is located in Taiwan. This company is manufacturer of PC peripherals, mobile communication device components as well as MFPs, scanners and shredders. This company was making wireless charging modules in small volumes but after adoption of its modules by Nokia in its new Lumia, it has increased its prodcution volume for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Primax has been lucky to get windfall and received huge order for its wireless chargers for new Lumia 920 from Nokia. Primax’s wireless charging modules  support Qi standards, and are being built with analog IC solutions from Texas Instruments (TI), USA.

Nokia’s decision to incorporate wireless charging feature for its new Nokia Lumia 920 has proved a boon for Primax. With this announcement, many other handsets manufacturers would adopt wireless-chargers as their standard feature in their upcoming high-end smartphones, and companies like Primax would be flooded with orders.

A few months ago, Primax would have never imagined in their wildest dreams that immediately after adoption of their wireless charging module by Nokia, the whole scenario of charging the handsets would change and they would be the top-most beneficaiary and would be busy counting money.

This is true example how a path-breaking and innovative idea can bring wonderful results for a business enterprise. Nokia deserves to get the pat as market leader of mobile handsets for incorporating this technology in their flagship phone.


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