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Karbonn & Lava Windows Phones Will Be Unveiled Starting At Rs. 6,000

We have written in our recent blog that Microsoft has decided to waive off licensing fee for its Windows 8 Phone OS to two reputed Indian handsets maker – Karbonn and Lava. http://www.techvorm.com/free-windows-phone-os-karbonn-lava-microsoft/. We had mentioned in our blog that both the Indian companies would come out with Windows phones and these are going to be affordable phones to make impressions with buyers of smaller cities and towns.

New-Details-Surface-on-Windows-8-Phone-Features-300x187As reported by PTI, Karbonn’s Windows Phone devices will be in the price range of Rs 6,000-12,000, and Lava’s price will  start with Rs 6,500. In these price band, these companies will be able to tap the huge market in India.

“We will come out with four devices with Windows-based operating system by the end of May or starting of June in the price range of 6,000-12,000,” Karbonn Managing Director Pradeep Jain told PTI. Lava International CEO and MD Hari Om Rai said: “A series of Windows-based phones will be launched under the Lava brand by July. These will be priced in the range of Rs 6,500-8,500.” He further added the phones will be based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor and will feature Windows 8 platform. “We expect the Windows-based phones to represent 8-10% volume of Lava smartphones starting July-August time- frame,” he added.

From the above developments, it is quite evident that for emerging markets like India and China, Microsoft will give lot of incentives to the local manufacturers to come out with Windows 8 smartphones, and would not like to contine with budget versions of Lumia devices in the future. Microsoft may continue with flagship Lumia devices in future.

Now the question arises whether Karbonn and Lava would be successful with their budget Windows smartphones in India. Our assumption is that the first time buyers would not mind to go in for Windows smartphones especially in remote areas of India, where these two companies have good network for selling their devices. They have the necessary infrastructure in place and can utilise their existing set-ups to promote Windows phones. Moreover, the price range of Rs. 6000 to Rs. 12,000 is quite attractive and there is no reason they should not be successful. This is the primary reason that Microsoft has chosen Karbonn and Lava to see traction of Windows phones in India. We alse expect that the same offer will be extended by Microsoft to other local vendors like Micromax, Intex etc, or they might have already been talking on this subject.



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