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Create txtWeb Elections Themed apps & Win Prizes

txtWeb, which is an open platform for SMS applications, was launched in India in 2011. It allows anyone with a simple mobile phone to discover and consume services on the Internet via SMS and is one of the fastest platforms to make content and services available to to its over 10 million users. On the occasion of upcoming parliamentary elections in India in April and May, txtWeb has invited the developers to  create innovative txtWeb elections themed apps that’ll get young voters involved as well as keep them informed on Indian politics. This is an effort by the txtWeb to target the youth in India, who don’t care about elections, and most of them don’t even turn up to vote.

rockthevote txtWebThe Lok Sabha elections are very important especially for the youth of India. They should elect not only educated and honest candidates, but should try to bring one party in power for development, employment generation, and for safe future. In the coming elections, it is hoped that a well informed, youth based public will definitely  make a real difference in the polls. This is the primary reason that to engage voters, txtWeb has asked developers to create elections themed apps. And to reward their efforts they are also offering prizes worth 22k for the top 3 apps.

If you are devloper then you can participate in the contest, which has begun on 14th of March and will go on until the 31st of March. Developers can submit upto 3 apps for consideration.  For more details visit txtweb blog on the contest.

This is the ideal time to contribute a little bit by awakening the tech-savy voters about the problems created by our political class and what should voters expect from the candiates and what would be the consequences if they continue with corrupt and inactive leaders. txtWeb is offering ideal platform to come out with interesting and informative apps for the success of India and your future!


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