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You Can Call Anywhere In India @ 19 p/min With Ringo App

Ringo app has revolutionised the way people can communicate economically in India and overseas. After sucessfully launching its app in January this year for overseas calls at fraction of cost compared to the charges of various service providers, Ringo has launched today domestic calling service on its app. This app can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

01 Rates

The USP of Ringo app is that with this app, users can call any landline or mobile number in the country at a flat rate of 19 p/min, without any additional charges like roaming, STD or top-up cards. Unlike other VOIP apps in the market, Ringo uses telephone networks instead of phone data or the Internet for a phone call. You need not worry about call drops or interrruptions in the call due to problem in Wi-Fi connectivity. You can even make calls to any recipient irrespective of the fact whether that particular peson has installed the Ringo app or not.

Calling via Ringo app is quite cheap as you have to shell out just 19 paise per minute for your calls to anywhere in India, which works out to approximately 90% cheaper than most carriers, as is evident from the below comparison, and 25% cheaper than the most popular calling apps that are Internet based. The other plus point of this app is that you need not have to spend your data charges while calling Ringo app compared to other apps such as Whatsapp, Skype etc.

  Airtel Vodafone Idea
Standard Rates


120 p/min 120 p/min 120 p/min
Savings 90% 90% 90%
Special Rates


40 p/min 40 p/min 30 p/min
Savings 50% 50% 40%


To encourage users to call via Ringo app, this app offers 50 minutes of free talk time to every user who installs the app for the first time, and 50 additional minutes for every friend a user refers to Ringo. So, if you can refer this app to 10 friends of yours then you will get 500 minutes of talk time free of charge.

02 Roster

This app is very simple to use. Infact, I have been using this app for the last ten months for overseas calls. When you make the call from your stored contacts or by dialling from the dialler, the calling number goes to the server of service providers and within 30 seconds, you will get the ringtone and if the dialling party is available, your call will be connected to it, to have crystal clear conversation.

How Ringo is able to offer such low tariff for the calls? As explained by the company, they purchase minutes in bulk at extremely low prices, and passing on the accrued savings to its customers by leveraging top-end technology. Ringo does not use your talktime, by using a unique call flow that connects both the initiator and the recipient of a call via a conference bridge.

04 Offers

Additionally, Ringo also comes with transparent and easy-to-read itemized bills, and makes earning free credits possible by downloading other apps from its Offers section. Once, you recharge your account by paying online via credit/debit card or net banking, the amount loaded by you remain in your account for ever i.e there is no conditon that you have to use your recahrged amount in specific time unlike the recharged amount of telecom service providers for your mobile phones.

So, if you want to make calls knowing well what you will end-up paying compared to the calls made via mobile phones, which have different plans for different categories by different service providers then Ringo app is your best solution. Plus, it is the cheapest option.


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