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YouTube Go App Unveiled With Features Of Sharing Without Using Data, Low Data Connectivity

At the second edition of its Google for India event, YouTube announced a new app, YouTube Go — designed and built for India keeping inview of cosntraints of data connectivity in the country.


The most improtant feature of YouTube Go is that it allows users to save and watch videos smoothly even in poor connectivity. It will also give them transparency and control over how much data they consume on videos, allowing them to preview videos first and choose the video’s file size before they save it offline to watch later. Users will also be able to share videos easily with friends and family nearby, without using any data at all.

In YouTube Go, you can find and discover relatable videos right on the home screen which are trending and popular videos. You can preview videos before you save or watch which will give you a better sense of what the video is about before you decide to save or play it. In the new app, you can choose your resolution when saving or streaming videos and also choose the amount of data you’d like to spend on that video. If you’re likely to download YouTube videos to MP4, Mp3 or other formats on iPhone iPad for offline enjoying, you may need the help of some video downloader. Fortunately, most of them are free of charge.

The other useful feature of YouTube Go is that you can share videos with friends and family nearby without using any data. You can send and receive videos instantly and offline with others using the YouTube Go app.

Over the next few months, YouTube will be rolling the app out gradually to more testers, getting their feedback and improving the product before launching it to the general public.

Speaking at the launch of YouTube Go, Johanna Wright, YouTube Vice President for Product Management, said, “We’ve always believed that connectivity should not be a barrier to watching YouTube. In 2014 we launched YouTube Offline so you could watch videos without suffering from buffering. A few months ago we rolled out Smart Offline, a feature that allows you to schedule videos to be saved offline later at off-peak times, when there’s more bandwidth so data is faster and cheaper. But we realized that for the next generation of YouTube users to fully discover all that YouTube has to offer, we had to reimagine the YouTube mobile app from the ground up.”


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