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Zozoc Launches New Symbian V3 Version

Zozoc has introduced a new version of its Symbian application to version 3. All users with the supported handsets can update immediately by accessing the wap site of Zozoc from their mobile phones.


A number of bug fixes have been done in this version, some of the major bug fixes are :

  • Send message to recipients from phonebook not working.
  • Messages getting stuck in Outbox.
  • Cannot connect to network related issues.
  • Error while forwarding messages.
  • Error while saving messages to Drafts.

Some of the new introductions in this release are highlighted below :

  • Enhanced Delivery Reports – Reports would come as pop-up and not as a separate msg in the inbox (which was a nuisance). Besides that a separate delivery reports for messages that get delayed for over 5 min due to unreachable recipient will be delivered.
  • Add Multiple recipients – You can add multiple recipients from your phone book, by typing manually, or by typing a name of the contact present in the phonebook.
  • Work Offline mode – Offline mode helps to reduce data usage and battery consumption. Also, when sending a new message, the application would automatically turn back online. However, the app needs to be in Online mode to receive delivery reports.
  • Change default connection Access point – You can switch to any connection access point to connect on the fly and use Wifi connection when it is available !
  • Auto Start on Phone restart – Zozoc can be set to start automatically when the phone is restarted thus assuring you quick delivery of incoming messages without the need to connect explicitly each time.
  • New improved User Interface (U.I) – New interface includes ability to edit username and password; log out option, enables you to easily switch accounts; new account setup screen.

NOTE : As a small token of appreciation, Zozoc is also be awarding 20 FREE Credits to all users who upgrade to this new version.

So hurry up and upgrade to the latest version ! !

You can also download the latest version online by following this link…….


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