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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting Keywords

When i first started blogging i wasn’t aware of the basic terms such as Keyword selection, etc. After spending some time googling and reading forums. I came to know the importance of keyword selection and its importance in driving traffic. If you are a nOOb like me and have seen blogger’s talk about keyword selection, and wonder why are they all laying emphasis on a couple of “words” when there are other important things to grim about. The reason you see people talking about keywords is because they want to pick a highly searched low competition phrase for their site/blog. It is this phrase/word that will drive traffic to the site/blog.

Now that you know why are the keywords so talked about and their importance. You should also know the things to keep in mind while selecting the keywords. In this post i am listing down the top 5 points to keep in mind while selecting the keywords. Before reading theses points, please keep in mind that these aren’t the only factors, i have jotted down based on my personal evaluation.

  1. Don’t Stick With 1 Word Keywords – One word keywords like for a mobile site, mobile, gps, email, music, memory, etc are required ones but you shouldn’t stop with only 1 word only. When picking keywords for your site you should also be picking 3-4 words (as phrases). This will help you to pull extra volume to your site/blog. The reason for using phrases is that since one word keywords have very high searches, it becomes difficult to rank higher. Using of phrases will increases your chances of appearing well in search engines.
  2. Appropriate Post Title – Correct post title is also important for search engine optimization. You should therefore create keyword optimized post title’s. Your normal posting and titles will be enough SEO for you to start ranking for these words.
  3. 3 Word Keywords – This one is an extension of the 1st point. If you are not picking specific 3 word + keywords for your site then you are loosing on potential traffic. At three word phrases, you can frequently find searches of 3000 a month or more. With less than 100000 competing pages. This Phrase is the one using which your site can quickly become no.1 in the google search.
  4. Do A Research For The Most Suitable Keywords – Do proper research. Consider my case, i am a B.com graduate and computer’s is not even minutely related to my field. But still i took some time to do some basic research on keyword selection (and other aspects of blogging). The problem is people don’t do research on their keywords. Follow the below mentioned steps to performs basic keyword research :
    1. Go to the Google Adword keyword tool.
    2. Enter your keyword see how many monthly searches it gets or select phrase in drop down menu (If it is more than 900 its ok if it is more than 10000 watch out for competition).
    3. Check how much competition the word gets by referring to the same keyword tool.
  5. Lack of knowledge – Keyword research is one of the main things you need to understand. Take an example, if driving a car was running a site/blog then knowing how to steer would be keyword research. Before you spend days, writing content, building websites, backlinking, etc, spend some time learning about keyword research. Otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.


  1. Yes, I understood the magic of correct keywords in attracting visitors to a blog
    In fact, I can proudly say, the user of correct keywords has helped to me attract visitors to my blog

    I will start experimenting with 3 word keywords

  2. Running a blog prima facie looks to be an easy task but the fact is it isn’t and the most daunting task is selection of keywords. BTW am still struggling to get the right keywords 😛

  3. Really loved your article, Maintaining a site is a really tough task and doing a keyword research is not easy. Most people mistake taking a single word keywords but they fail to realize that it has a hell lot of competition.


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