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65% of Indians Are Net Addicts – Telenor Survey

Telenor has conducted the Internet behavioral survey across India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. From profanity tolerance levels to selfie approval ratings, respondents across the region replied to what they love and loathe most about the net.


As per the Telenor survey, a majority of Indians, 65% are internet additcts. Females are spending more time online than men with 21% of online two hours per day for personal reasons–equating to a mammoth 730 hours per year. In parallel, men reported to accessing the Internet more regularly than females with 89% accessing it ‘many times a day outside of work purpose.’

The other finding of Telenor Survey state that:

28% of Indians say that sympathy-seeking posts on Facebook are very irritating contrasted with the regional average of 14%.

34% Indians are in the habit of inviting people to play online games

40% Indians are guilty of spreading false rumors

And while attesting to the love of food in Asia, all countries admitted to high levels of sharing snaps of food, women regionally overall were more likely to post pictures of food (31% versus 23% for men). Two-thirds of respondents admitting to excessively posting selfies on the net were female, whereas the majority of respondents engaging in Facebook voyeurism are male.

Telenor Survey also found that a resounding 94% of Indians say the Internet has improved their lives, and 83% of respondents stated that social media in India has helped them to strengthen relationships with friends and family.

In terms of curbing perceived annoying behavior, the survey reveals Indian people believe it requires a combination of government regulation and parental intervention. Markedly, 20% of Indians feel that government-run education programs should be utilized to improve Internet etiquette – much higher than the regional average of 12%. While 27% of Indians feel that online behavior is the responsibility of parents who need to talk to their children about the Internet.

“This survey gives us a very stimulating way to look at who are our customers are and their online preferences. As online access increases in the country, it is great to see that 94% of the Indians surveyed say that Internet has improved their lives – the highest percentage among the surveyed nations. As technology evolves, so do our people and our cyber interactions. I think that Indian people are aware of their online behavior and want to make sure that the net remains an inclusive and regulated domain,” says Sharad Mehrotra, CEO, Telenor India.


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