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Access Blocked Websites (Torrent) With HideMyAss Web Proxy

Government officials, pushed diligently by film (and music) industry, are on a campaign to block all the websites indulging in distribution of any kind of pirated media be it hollywood movies, bollywood money spinners or music albums.

Countless number of websites have been blocked till date including torrent search engines like mininova, piratebay (damn…) and other file sharing websites. Unfortunately they did not think about taking care of the legit stuff that was shared so easily over these websites. Curse is upon them, no second thought. Period.

Now with all these portals blocked, how do you access blocked websites? Obviously, there’s gotta be some way in this tech driven world. There’s got to be!

Fortunately there is an easy way out involving the use of famous proxy viz. HideMyAss. HideMyAss has an extension available for  Google Chrome users which once installed lets you access all the blocked websites with the click of a button!

Install HideMyAss Web Proxy from Google Chrome web store. You’ll then notice a small icon adjacent to address bar. The multi-functional proxy button can be used in any of the following ways:

    • To open webpages directly by clicking on it from Chrome start page.

    • If you are on a blocked website url, just click on HideMyAss icon and you’ll automatically be directed to a proxified version of that website.
    • You can open any link on a webpage via HideMyAss proxy by opening the context menu (right click on mouse).

Installing HideMyAss proxy really simplifies your task to just clicking on a single button 🙂

Install HideMyAss Web Proxy from Google Chrome Web Store.


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