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Best Of The Best Facebook Integrated iPhone Apps

iPhone apps are seemingly expanding in scope and usefulness by the minute. New apps become available constantly, and every year more of them are made to be compatible with still other third party systems, social networks and applications. Obviously, one of the single most popular of these third party systems, social networks and applications — all rolled into one — is Facebook. Because of this, there are dozens of different and very third-party handy mobile apps that are being integrated to mesh with the sharing abilities of Facebook through your iPhone.

Lots of these Facebook compatible apps are available for free or for sale on the apps marketplace, let’s take a look at some of the best for 2012.

Facebook Mobile App

The first on the list is the Facebook app itself, free, easy to download and available in over 2000 different kinds of mobile devices. This addictive little app will give you an instant on-the-go connection to Facebook and all your friends and relatives’ foolishness, comedy and daily lives. Speaking seriously though, having the Facebook app on your iPhone is a great way to keep in touch and communicate with these same friends, family and coworkers without spending extra money on text messages or phone calls.

Instagram Mobile App

The Instagram app used to be a stand-alone app that could be integrated with Facebook for lovely filtered photo sharing amongst friends. Now however, it’s owned by Facebook itself and the sharing becomes even easier. This free app can be downloaded from both the Instagram website and itunes app store. Use Instagram to take pictures, apply an assortment of filters to change their look and then share them on your Facebook wall or on Twitter and Tumblr as well.

Path for iPhone App

Similar to Instagram, but with many more sharing options than just photos, the Path app gives you the ability to put forth your thoughts, ideas, music you’re listening to and high quality photos you’ve taken and share them either directly with others who also use the Path app or post them directly to Facebook. Path also lets you write and share blog posts through its interface. In essence, Path is a complete smart journal that you can take with you anywhere on your iPhone.

SoundCloud for iPhone

Here is an app that goes beyond photos and written text to let you share sound bites and music files to anyone you like. The SoundCloud app for iPhone and iPad lets you record sound snippets, music, your own rambling thoughts or your own music and repost it on Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr or Twitter. You can follow your Facebook friends SoundCloud likes, interests, profiles and posts as well, right from your iPhone. With the SoundCloud app, you also get your own profile on which you can keep track of everything you’ve posted and what your friends post, either to Facebook or directly to SoundCloud itself.


Here is a super social networking app that’s designed exactly for those of you that have too many different accounts to easily manage them all separately. The Hootsuite app lets you manage one or multiple Facebook personal accounts and fan pages, as well as Twitter, Tumblr, Linkedin and Foursquared social networking accounts all at the same time from a single intuitive dashboard. With Hootsuite, you can create and post a status update for multiple accounts simultaneously, upload photos to several accounts at the same time and schedule multiple Facebook account updates for future posting.

This app greatly simplifies things if you’re one of those active, socially engaged people who have not only a Facebook personal page but also one or more Facebook fan pages and other social media profiles.

Float Reader iPhone App by Scribd

The Float mobile app was brought to iPhone users by the people at Scribd, and it’s the perfect tool for social reading and sharing any written information you’ve found online. With Float Reader, you can find, read and share stories, news and other documents from your favorite digital publications through your iPhone and have it posted onto your Facebook account or Float profile in no time for your friends to see and share as well.

The share feature can be either set to automatically display all your online reading preferences that are being viewed through float, or you can customize which reads you share on a story by story or publication basis. As long as you’re careful with your privacy using Float Reader, it makes an excellent tool for sharing literature, scholarly publications and news to your Facebook page or amongst other friends who use Float.


Guest post by Steven Taylor. When Steven isn’t covering Time Warner Cable Business Offers and their best in class business phone, internet, and cable bundles, he is covering a wide range of tech and software related topics within the blogosphere.



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