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DeskNotifier Android App Pushes Notifications To Your Computer

Ever wondered if there’s a way out to get connected with your android phone while working on your windows pc? To get all those notifications on your device straight to your computer screen? It would be really great if that were to happen! Wouldn’t it?

DeskNotifier android app does just that. It sends the notification bar updates received on your android device to your windows computer as pop ups. DeskNotifier uses wifi to establish connection with your android phone and relay messages from device. So you need to be directly connected via wifi with the pc on which you want pop up notifications to appear, otherwise it’s not gonna work.

DeskNotifier requires an android app which acts as server to be installed and running on your device and the other app, the software for windows needs to be installed on your computer. The pre-requisites are:

  • Your phone be connected with computer via wifi (Doesn’t work via GPRS/EDGE/3G)
  • DeskNotifier android app running on your phone
  • Windows app running on your system

The concept behind is pretty neat and keeps you connected with your’s mobile phone’s activity all the time. However, since there’s no one touch connectivity so you still need to setup your device to get this working. A tad bit time consuming but worth a try if are hooked to your computer for a larger part of the day!

DeskNotifier is available for free (both android app and windows software) and can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store using image link given below.

DeskNotifier Windows Software – Link to official download page



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