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Can Samsung Bust The Chinese Smartphones Bubble?

Of late, many Chinese smartphones makers such as Gioni, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Oppo etc. have bombarded the Indian markets with their mid-range and high-end smartphones at attractive prices compared to almost similar devices of Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony and HTC etc. Of late, one of the Chinese companies namely Xiaomi is in news for selling huge numbers of its smartphones at very low prices by novel method of flash sales on one of the prominent online market place.


There is no doubt that some of the Chinese smartphones come with good hardware features and the tweaked software to make it a good experience for the users. But that does not mean that the reputed company like Samsung can be toppled so easily. Some of our worthy bloggers and tech experts have gone overboard with the success of few Chinese smartphones. Even, some Chinese companies are so much thrilled at their success that they have openly bragged that they would topple Samsung in due course of time!. Wish it were so easy to take on with well-established and dominant leader of smartphones like Samsung, who have invested a lot on its Research and Development. Samsung is the only company, which gives tough fight to other stalwart Apple, for smartphones and tablets.

Samsung is still the leader in premium segment and its latest Galaxy Note 4 phablet is pitched against iPhone 6 Plus and this phablet is getting good reviews and moving fast from the retail shelves.

If you go in developed countries, you will find Samsung, Apple, Nexus and few other branded devices in the hands of the users. You will rarely come across Oppo, Xiaomi or Gionee products in their hands. What does it show? It is for you to arrive at the conclusion.


There is no doubt that Samsung is under pressure for the onslaught of Chinese smartphones in mid-segment. But the big companies accept challenges gracefully and have the capacities and resources to make life miserable for its competition. Today, Samsung has come out with their mid-range Galaxy A5 and Galaxy A3 smartphones with slim and metal unibody design. These smartphones come with reasonably good hardware features and for the selfies generation, both the devices are fitted with 5MP rear cameras. http://www.techvorm.com/samsung-launches-slim-metal-designed-galaxy-a5-galaxy-a3-5mp-front-camera/ Samsung has not disclosed the prices of these smartphones. These smartphones will start shipping in China and other countries from next month, when their prices will be revealed. If these devices are priced aggressively, then they will hit very badly Chinese smartphones.

Of late, Samsung has reduced the prices of few of their smartphones in India, to push its sale in the backdrop of Chinese aggression. I wonder what will happen to the Chinese competition if Samsung brings down drastically the prices of its premium smartphones? Would you prefer to buy any Chinese smartphone worth Rs. 30,000 to 40,000, if you can get the similar hardware or little less specifications in the devices of Samsung or say Motorola, HTC, LG or Sony? I assume that the majority of the users would prefer Samsung. Not only for its brand, but also for the prompt and efficient after sales service record of Samsung, which is also a key factor when you invest huge amount of money on any product.


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