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Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit – Go Handsfree, Practice Safe Driving [Review]

Talking on mobile phone while driving can be dangerous. And you don’t need strict traffic policies to be able to understand that. It’s dangerous. But there’s also the need to be connected, nobody wants to lose out on important calls, urgent messages when on road.

There are 2 sides to every coin. Me, being a consultant (Visit Cee-Five to know more), need to attend to every call, so there’s no escaping as far as I am concerned. The best way out for people like me is bluetooth car kit. Thanks to MobileFun, I was sent Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit, an affordable bluetooth car kit to review.

Without unnecessary blabber, I will come straight to the review part. As usual, review has been categorized into sub parts for easier understanding.


You are going to put on your bluetooth car kit on automobiles sun visor, so it’ll be there to be seen by co-passengers. Needless to say, it ought to look appealing and decent at the same time. Clip ‘N’ Talk doesn’t disappoints in “look” factor. It sports a decent looking bar factor with speaker and keys located upfront. Embedded keys give it a smooth surface.

On the sides, there’s mini USB charging slot (on left side) and mute key (on right side). For some reason, the makers of SD Visor didn’t include a cover cap for mini USB charging slot, which kind of distorts the side lining view of the unit. Though it’s not a big issue at all but it would have been nice to see it covered (for viewing pleasure) and protected (dust).

Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade has a hook located at it’s back which gets it hooked up to Sun Visor. Unlike other car kits, there’s no magnetic attachment mechanism instead it’s a simple push and slide hook, which does look pretty sturdy. Unless you are removing it on regular intervals, I don’t see hook loosening up.

Audio Clarity

Performance of a bluetooth car kit is proportional to it’s usefulness and probability of getting dumped! And main stay of any handsfree bluetooth car kit is it’s audio speaker. Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade comes with a single speaker which outputs decent voice clarity however is not suitable for streaming music. I won’t use the term “crystal clear” since the speaker start creaking as the volume is maxed out.

And even though SD Visor supports A2DP i.e ability to stream and output music from your bluetooth enabled mobile phone to it’s speakers, I would recommend you to avoid using this functionality. Reason being, the speakers just don’t do justice to music. Plus why would you want to ditch automobile’s audio system, unless of-course it isn’t there.

Battery Capacity

It comes with a 820 mAh Li-ion detachable battery. It claims to deliver 7.5 hours of talk time but I got around 9 hours of talk time with a full charge. So if you were to drive daily for about 3 hours, it is capable of surviving for 3 days without need of charger!

Plus a 30 day standby time is there, which I wasn’t able to test. So can’t really comment about it.

Another good thing about Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit is that it comes with a mini USB car charger. Yep, even if you lose charge while on the road, you can plug in the car charger and enjoy safe driving 🙂 To add to this, you get to save additional cost of buying a mini USB car charger. Smart thinking indeed.

Ease Of Use

You wouldn’t want to spend minutes trying to connect your mobile phone with car kit daily. Nobody wants that. SD Visor is no exception. It understands that. You just need to pair your mobile phone it and next time on-wards, all that is required is switching on SD Visor and turning on bluetooth in your device. No qualms here.

The unit has 3 keys viz. volume up, volume down and multi-functional key. Use Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade for a day or two and you’ll get used to multi-functional key. It lets you pick up a call, end a call, switch on the device and prepare the device for pairing. Though the usage is fairly simple but accompanying guide that will serve you better in understanding the working of SD Visor in case you are not a geek 😉

Clip ‘N’ Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit is available for just $19.99. A good bargain for a great device! You can order it online from MobileFun webstore – Clip and Talk Visor Blade Bluetooth Car Kit


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