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An In-depth Look At Meraki Cloud

Cloud technology has taken the IT world by storm. So much of our data is already stored using cloud technology due to so many of the big dot com companies embracing it. Facebook, Amazon and Google are just some of the big names who store our financial data, photographs and emails in virtual, secure, scalable networks.


Meraki Cloud

Meraki cloud will provide your business with a wireless, secure and scalable network that can be accessed anywhere in the world, at any time.  This network can grow as your business grows and will have a number of reduced costs due to the virtual nature of the technology.

Big Business

Cloud technology is ideal for big and medium sized enterprises. However, contrary to the popular belief that cloud is not for small business, Meraki affords small businesses the benefits of reduced costs, security and scalability. As such, small enterprises can compete with big business.

Small Business

By switching to Meraki cloud, both start-ups and existing small business will not need traditional physical hardware which is stored securely on site (with all the associated costs). So by embracing cloud technology small business can benefit from scalable storage which grows as your business grows.


When using cloud technology a series of advantages are offered to you. When staring out, or expanding your business, it is important be able to have good control on costs. Meraki Cloud lets you start small, as small as you need, and then will scale as your business grows.

However, the beauty of cloud is you don’t need to buy additional hardware each time you decide to expand; you simply scale up your virtual server, to suit your needs. All this technology is managed via one simple, online dashboard which centralises all you control process to a single machine, regardless of the size of your network.


Modern technology has allowed WiFi access speeds to be so good that businesses can now abandon hard wired connections and go completely wireless.  Meraki Cloud will give your business easy wireless access to computers, printers and other peripherals at incredible speeds.  Additionally, this means staff can be off site and still send data to print at the office, or be stored via a drop box.


This was often cited as the main reason businesses were reluctant to embrace cloud technology. Many thought, quite incorrectly, that storing your data in a virtual, online environment would increase the risk of a security breech.

However, security on cloud servers has been provided by the leading security specialists and most have their own dedicated security teams. Whereas, most IT business (especially small and medium sized enterprises) have a commercially available virus checker and one or two members of staff responsible for security

As such, if you use Meraki cloud, your data has a number of security procedures in place to stop any attempt to access it. The key security feature is that the software will automatically monitor for unusual actively, block any attempts at breaking security and then alert you to any potential problems.

Mobile Devices
Meraki Cloud lest you manage a wide range of wireless devices including iOS, Android, Macintosh and PC mobile devices via your dashboard. As such, your cloud network can be managed on the road, at home or from a remote location via a browser based dashboard. This provides you with a unique ability to work, manage and check security from any location in the worlds and at any time.

Meraki Cloud

If you need to expand your network at a manageable level, or if you want to expand but need a tight control on costs then Meraki cloud should be your first stop. You can scale up your requirements as your customer base or business grows.

Consider that Facebook, Amazon and Google use cloud technology to expand as the number of users expand (Facebook currently has 1.1 billion users) and they minimise the risk of not having sufficient storage for their needs.


Author : Wayne Douglas is a supporter of the pioneering solutions provided by www.axonex.com



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