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Show Desktop Background On Start Screen In Windows 8.1 [How To Guide]

Windows 8.1 is slowly and steadily catching up. Microsoft has tweaked its predecessor i.e Windows 8 to some extent, including the introduction of some aesthetically pleasing options, one of which is the ability to set the background of Windows 8.1 start screen the same as the desktop has. Previously, Windows 8 did have the ability to change background of its Start screen but that was limited to a certain available patters and palette styles. Though there was the element of customization but it never really mixed in well with the overall theme of desktop mode.

The same has been addressed in Windows 8.1, now you can have the background or wallpaper of start screen the same as that of desktop wallpaper. The option to do so unfortunately has been buried in Control Panel, not really accessible for an average user. I have put on a concise guide which lets you show desktop background on start screen in windows 8.1. Just follow the steps given below!

  1. Open This PC (previously called My Computer) and go to Control Panel.
    Step 1
  2. Go to Appearance and Personalization.
    Step 2
  3. Click on Taskbar and Navigation (a new window will open).
    Step 3
  4. Visit the Navigation tab located at the top of the new window.
    Step 4
  5. Now just check the “Show my desktop background on Start” and click on Apply.

That’s about it! Open up the start screen, it should have the same background as does the desktop. If in case you are still confused then I have created a very small video which highlights the entire procedure. Watch the video after this image.

Start Screen Background Same As Desktop

Note: Please keep in mind that this is valid only for Windows 8.1 users. Windows 8 does not have this functionality.


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