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ISeeYou Android App Replicates Galaxy S III Smart Stay Functionality

The integrated “Smart Stay” feature of Samsung Galaxy S III is pretty nice functionality to have around in your android phone. Considering how some users (such as myself) usually read news and stuff on their phones and have to constantly tap on the screen to avoid back light going off.

With Smart Stay or similar technology, the unnecessary need to continually tap on screen would be avoided. Unfortunately, Samsung has pushed Smart Stay as a “made for humans” feature in their latest flagship device Galaxy S III. Sad, indeed.

However, a developer has tried to replicate the Smart Stay tech via a dedicated android app ISeeYou. And luckily ISeeYou android app works! Out of the box! Yep, using the same principle as that of Smart Stay, tracking movement of your face/eyes (I am not clear about this) via front camera.

ISeeYou android app is available in two versions viz. Free and Paid. The difference being, in paid version you can set the polling interval for scanning the movement of your face/eye whereas in free version, it’s pretty much a check box, you get as an option and rest is automated (limited). That is to say, there’s better chance of saving battery drain with a paid version than free version.

I’d say give the free version a shot, see if it works for you (It did for me without fail!) and go on to buy the paid version, thereby appreciating the developer for his efforts as well. You can download ISeeYou android app (Free version) from google play store via image link given below.

P.S – Unnecessary to say ISeeYou requires a front camera to operate. It should work on any android phone that has a front camera!

Short Demo Video Of ISeeYou


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