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E-Books Vs Printed Books – End Of The Road For Printed Books?

Mobile technology has taken its toll on cameras,watches and now on printed books. More and more people are using smartphones, which are equipped with state of the art cameras and tablets/e-readers have huge libraries of famous titles which can be accessed by the users anywhere any time at fraction of the cost compared to printed titles. Time display is standard features on all the devices and watch-makers are already reeling under this pressure.

E-books are catching on quickly, with more than one in five U.S. adults having read an electronic book in the last year. The rise of electronic reading devices like Amazon.com Inc’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Apple’s iPad has opened the e-book floodgates, and many more readers are supplementing their print reading with electronic books.

According to a survey in US, four times more people said they read an electronic book the day before than in 2010.  Moreover, many people who read electronically say they spend more time reading than they used to, potentially a side-effect of the convenience of the devices, and the lower cost of digital books.

Digital books can be bought conveniently and quickly and one can carry as many digital titles on its device as one likes. Moreover, many titles are given free while subscribing to digital library of a particular vendor. However, printing companies can still heave a sigh of relief as children books are still preferred in printed formats as kids cannot use the device for reading digital books.

But with more and more schools opting for e-readers and tablets, even printed text books will become obsolete and teachers will have to adapt themselves to new methods of teaching. Probably, class room teaching will also be thing of the past in the cming years! You never know how the technology will change the existing system of education, life style and governance!

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