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ECS Liva X Mini PC Review – High on Portability, Speed, Limited by Processor

Having a full fledged computing system with a dedicated CPU cabinet on the side is a thing of the past. Mobility has made way into traditional desktop systems as well and Liva X Mini PC is one such example of small factor pc. Liva X Mini PC is a portable computer powered by a Celeron N2808 dual core SoC (System on Chip) which is running Windows 8.1 Bing edition.


As compared to a laptop, traditional desktop system or AIO, Liva X sports a small chassis which makes it highly portable and thereby making is usable at locations of your choice. Moreover the VESA mount located at its back lets you stick it at the back of the display screen, making in totally invisible. Talking about using it with an external display, you can easily connect it using either an HDMI or VGA connection.

Using Liva X Mini PC

Liva X came with Windows 8.1 Bing Edition installed out of the box. For those uninitiated, Windows 8.1 Bing is functionally equivalent to Windows 8.1 Core and thus you are getting a full fledged working copy of Windows 8.1. You’ll also need your own display (a TV screen or any other external display), keyboard and mouse since all you get is the mini pc in the packaging.


Booting up Liva X is a 2 step process, plugin the power adapter and press the power button located on front of unit. Once you do that, the system boots up really fast.

In terms of performance, Liva X gets a divided opinion. Generally speaking, its Intel CPU isn’t too bad but the graphics driver lacks indeed. For those who are looking to perform basic computing tasks like web browsing, editing office documents, multimedia playback and other things like these, Liva X performs up-to the mark. It manages to hang on to performing these basic tasks without stutter. However, the moment you try to step on the gas, perform heavy duty tasks, the bay trail processor starts to give in.


This being said, Liva X can be primarily recommended for those who intend to carry out the very basic computing tasks. High on portability, speed but limited by virtue of processor.

Closing Thoughts

ECS Liva X Mini PC is a tiny, passively cooled small factor personal computer. Liva X doesn’t check all the marks of being a conventional computer however it is a perfect choice for those who are planning to buy a windows machine but are budget constrained and/or want to have a windows machine just for the sake of it (students, first timers, etc.). Liva X Mini PC is available for a price tag of Rs. 14,900 (with Windows 8.1 Bing) and for Rs. 11,900 (without any OS).

Tip: If you are planning to buy Liva X, go with the Windows pre-installed machine. Installing drivers can be a pain.


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