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Encase FlexiShield Case – Affordable Protection For Your Google Nexus 6

The latest iteration in Nexus series is the gigantic Google Nexus 6, a tall and svelte phone that’s difficult to hold in a single hand. And dropping such a precious possession would certainly make a tear or two roll out of your eyes. This is where Encase Flexishield Case comes into play. This gel case aims to add a modest level of protection to Nexus 6 without adding any bulk to already huge device.

Encase Flexishield Case, with its adaptive build, matches the curves of Google Nexus 6 and fits perfectly. The case sports a shiny surface, however they are tough and are non-slip. The latter features is specifically of greater importance because unlike Nexus 5, the Nexus 6 isn’t too grippy and thus suffers from relatively higher probability of slipping and falling away.


With respect to overall appearance, you’ll appreciate the translucent nature of the gel case. Covering the rear portion of device, the surface reveals the Nexus logo behind and it has appropriate cutouts for camera, Motorola badge, ports and connectors. On the sidelines there is sufficient protection for buttons and the bulging button casing also gives almost the same tactile feedback.

In terms of protection, the Encase Flexishield Case offers protection only on sidelines and for the back of the device, the front, however, is left exposed. The only protection for front is offered by the slightly raised bezel of the gel casing, good enough to protect the phone from flat falls. Drop it on an uneven surface and you’ll be having heart in your mouth.

Sporting a nominal retail price of $9.49 through MobileFun, the Encase Flexishield Gel Case for the Google Nexus 6 is an affordable option for those who want reasonable protection for their device without adding a whole lot of weight. Encase FlexiShield Google Nexus 6 Case is available in different variants viz. Frost White, Smoke Black (my personal favorite), Blue and Purple. You can order one through MobileFun – Encase FlexiShield Google Nexus 6 Case – Smoke Black


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