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Endomondo: Free GPS Sports Tracking Mobile Application For Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Iphone, Android

GPS enabled mobile phones not only help you with road directions but can also be used for other purposes too. One of them is to keep a track record of your fitness exercises. And by fitness exercises, i mean Running, walking, cycling, biking, skating, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, swimming, etc. Of all these sports, you can keep a record about the distance travelled, time taken and area covered!

In order to do so, there is a dedicated application called “Endomondo“. Endomondo is a mobile sports tracking utility available for Nokia, HTC, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, HP, Eten, Palm, as well as Garmin devices. Endomondo is an extremely useful mobile application for sports enthusiasts. It makes use of your mobile phone’s GPS to track your running, cycling, and other sports as well as compete with your friends and follow them live (yep, on your mobile itself!). Moreover, Endomondo also uploads your data online to view your workouts on a map and analyze your training.


Earlier, i used Nokia Sports Tracker, however that didn’t workout for me and eventually, i stopped using it. Endomondo has been my sports tracker since then and am quite satisfied with it. It has a simple and neat user interface and packs lots of features in an elegant manner. More importantly, every feature can be accesses from the home screen itself! From the home screen itself you can change, the type of sport, currently playing song, turn on/off audio coach, Status of GPS and keep an eye on metrics! The working of this mobile app is pretty easy, install it, run it, select the type of sport, wait for GPS signal and click Start! Once you are done, click Stop and the application will upload the data to your account online.

As far as features are concerned, it allows you to choose the type of sport, change distance measurement unit, audio coach, pep talk. Audio caoch and pep talk are innovative feature built into the application, Audio Coach runs on on the Android, iPhone, Symbian and Java version of our Endomondo SportsTracker. If Audio Coach is turned on a voice will tell you your lap time, duration, estimated finish (the audio cues are sent from their own server). Pep talk on the other hand lets you get in touch with your friends by leaving them audio messages. The most important feature is it keeps a log of your previous sports activities, thus allowing you to keep a track record.

My Opinion

All in all, i believe its a must have application and a better alternative to Nokia Sports Tracker. Its out of box features like Audio Coach and pep talk will keep you busy during your sports activity. A must have application if you ask for my recommendation.

You can get the latest version of Endomondo via their official website.


  1. How do I use this application on my phone while swimming? I use it while running and jogging – where I put my phone in my pocket, but swimming how do I do that?


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