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Trill: Free Mobile Twitter Application For Nokia

I am a newbie in the smart-phone world. I purchased my Nokia E63 only one month back. It was only then I came to know that there are applications available to make twitter colorful and happening (don’t curse me for my ignorance). Gradually I learnt a lot of techie stuff. I am not a twitter addict but I do peep into it often. The applications that I have used till now for accessing twitter are: nimbuzz, fring, snaptu and finally Trill. Of all the aforesaid mobile twitter applications, one thing in common i. they all are “Free”!

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I remember during the honeymoon days with my new phone I asked @ParitoshBh (Twitter handle of Paritosh-Blog Owner) “which is the best twitter client ?” he shot an answer immediately “Gravity”. Ignorant me searched the web to download Gravity but was taken aback to see that Gravity comes with a price tag. After a month long hunt for free twitter client, I found Trill and oh boy it has not stopped me to thrill! Trill is fast, cute and useful FREE mobile twitter application. Trill allows you to manage your Twitter presence on the go. Things like updating your timeline, responding to friends, browsing the links, tracking tags etc is am easy task with Trill installed on your mobile phone. The interface is very attractive and easy to use. When you scroll through each of your timeline tweets the following function buttons hover around: Retweet, Reply, Profile View, DM, Link and Favorites. There are 4 different tabs namely Home, Replies, Direct Messages and Public Timeline. The only disadvantage with Trill is that you cannot edit your retweets but I think its acceptable, anyway the rich interface compensates that.

Currently Trill is only available for Nokia users (Not compatible with Touch devices i.e s60v5 as of now). You can download the latest version of Trill via OVI Store for FREE!


Guest post by Anto, who is A simple person with not so simple dreams!
Blogger, owner of Lifestoryandme.com, soft skills trainer and a good friend 🙂



  1. Trill is not working in nokia e63

    “Data error : There is some problem in fetching data. Please try again later.”

  2. Just downloaded Trill for nokia E7 and for most part works well but can’t search for any trends. Little bird searches for a bit and then the application shuts down abruptly.

  3. okay, just went through about a hundred reviews on the Ovi store and noticed two types of posting in general.

    1) people unable to get the app to work as advertised, in the meantime costing them data. You guys need to shut the app down before the community gets mad with you.

    2) what appears to be a lot of fake reviews saying the app is good. The linguistical characteristics of these reviews are pretty clearly indicative of tampering with the user reviews section. This is an indicator of low morals.

  4. Nokia E63 here also and it doesn’t work: “error retrieving data” I thought mayne this is because I selected https for security on twitter via my pc? Snaptu and another program retrieve my tweets just fine.

  5. i downloaded the app from Ovi Nokia but i can’t login to Twitter every time it tries to connect it doesn’t open the phone browser as it says and after seconds it says ”it takes long time please try again later” any help please ?!

  6. Thanks for the advise, yeah, I try that but still, the “connecting to twitter” animation appeared and nothing happened.. Still wouldn’t connect.. Like I said before, when I see the connection manager, the internet is on, but it didn’t downloading any byte.

  7. Hey, I’ve downloaded this Trill and installed in 5730 XpressMusic. The problem is, I’m unable to sign in to twitter! It keeps sayin “connecting to Twitter” but didn’t connect after all.. The GPRS are on, but the data connection didn’t start. Any suggestion what am I supposed to do?

  8. Ya i do have Snaptu but its not working on my NOKIA 2330C phone , in fact no JAVA internet enabled applications are working on it except OperaMini, must be some problem with my configuration but i am unable to solve it.
    I have used Snaptu previously on my SE W200i and there it worked very well.

  9. Trill works on E71 . a Substantial percentage of our download & usage happens on E71. difficulty in using Trill on E71 might be a transient issue due to network connectivity . Please drop me an email on email id mentioned above if you still face problem.

  10. Arvind,

    As a member of Team Trill let me answer your question,
    Trill is supported for E71. the issue mentioned on Ovi store was related to failure to connect which is an O Auth related problem that can occur due to anything from problem in GPRS to twitter downtown. we have tested it extensively in our labs and it works well. please give it a try i am sure you would like it . drop me an email at [email protected] if problem persist.

  11. I looked at the Ovi page nd it has many comments of this app not wrking on the claimed phones. Thn someone comes and posts a comment ‘it works on E71 alright’. seems fake comment to help the app.



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