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Engineer.ai Launches AI Builder Platform for Software Development

Engineer.ai today announced the Indian launch of Builder which is claimed to be the world’s first human-assisted AI platform for building custom digital products. According to the company, Builder adopts an assembly-line approach, combining artificial intelligence with the best globally crowd-sourced teams of designers and developers to build digital products at twice the speed and less than a third of the cost of traditional software development.

Builder is an intuitive platform that enables anyone to assemble the complex code necessary to build software in just five easy steps as enumerated below by the company:

STEP 1 – Begin with an idea.
STEP 2 – Choose from recommended features or add your own. The AI will create a “build card” which guarantees a maximum price and estimated delivery date.
STEP 3 – Builder’s development process leverages AI to tap a library of existing components and manage crowd-sourced global teams for everything that is unique.
STEP 4 – Builder delivers a custom product quickly and inexpensively, as guaranteed.
STEP 5 – The platform can host and upgrade your product to ensure ongoing functionality.

“Builder redesigns how software is created, enabling everyone with an idea in their head to get an app in their hand. We empower people to build their dreams without actually knowing how to code” said Engineer.ai Chief Wizard & Co-founder Sachin Dev Duggal. “We’re disrupting traditional software development by removing the shroud of mystery around code design, giving transparency and control to the creators – the people with ideas. This is made possible by our proprietary artificial intelligence, which can price, spec, write, and create products faster and more efficiently.”

Engineer.ai started in 2012 is a global company with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Delhi and London. Builder first launched in beta to selected partners including Rapaport, Eros, and Virgin Unite, as well as small and medium-sized businesses such as Popxo, Dropit and FundRx. Builder has been launched with an exclusive promotion offer for India-based customers to build any app starting at 2.99 Lakhs.


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