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Expertrio Webhost, A Pillar In TechVorm’s Growth: Experience Shared

I have been blogging for over 2 years now and with each passing day I learn a new thing, increasing my knowledge about wordpress, blogging, hosting and things related. In all these years never have I shared about the hosting I have used nor my experience with them and rightly so because you, as a reader, are interested in getting information on new mobile applications, tricks rather than what has been going on at the back-end of this blog.

However, I think its time that I thank all the web-hosts who have hosted/are hosting this blog for the services they have offered and their help with which TechVorm has achieved the mark at which it is right now. Talking about blog statistics, following are some of the stats I am proud of as a blogger:

  • Nearing 8000 reader mark.
  • Approximately 1 million page-views per month.
  • 3500+ comments with good comment to article ratio.

I started taking TechVorm seriously when I moved to Expertrio’s Shared Hosting 2 years back. They were very helpful in shifting this blog from a free hosting (Yes, for a brief period) without any downtime. Mr. Ashish from Expertrio helped me with all the trouble I had with regard to hosting or even the wordpress setup, with which I must tell you not many web-hosts are of much help. There were no downtime on their part and TechVorm, as a blog, continued to grow from strength to strength.

It was the last month of 2010 when TechVorm started getting a good amount of traffic and more interested readers. This was the time when I became aware of the fact that each type of hosting has certain limitations and that I was using the most basic plan being on Shared Host, a fact well explained by Mr. Ashish. Knowing all this I continued with the same plan I had been on and saw this blog grow.

The problems started when the theme I was using on this blog become resource hungry combined with the traffic spike. Courtesy this, TechVorm single handed crashed Expertrio’s server. And this was the time when Mr. Deep from Expertrio contacted me explaining the need to shift to a more powerful server i.e Premium Hosting. He assisted me in bringing down the high resource requirements of TechVorm and also suggested a change in theme (Hence this new layout). But things weren’t normal and the blog bought down their server times not desirable for any web-host. It was until recently when a warning (read, a friendly suggestion) came from Mr. Deep suggesting a shift to VPS considering the high CPU requirements of TechVorm. Although both of us tried our best but couldn’t bring the situation back to normal and there was no point dragging this issue for more time. I must say both of them were never too arrogant to talk about this issues and they tried their best to accommodate TechVorm but things didn’t go the right way.

Finally I shifted to Knownhost VPS (Virtual Private Server, way more powerful than Shared Hosting) 2 weeks back, at the time of writing this article. Knownhost support has been remarkable in helping me shift, setup, tweak settings for VPS optimum for TechVorm and I hope they continue to be the same in time to come.

TechVorm grew with Expertrio and being their customer for a period of almost 2 years, I must say they, as a webhost, deserve recognition, business way more than they have got now. An Indian web-host that delivers truly satisfying hosting experience. I wish them all the best for the future and hope that TechVorm with Knownhost achieves new heights 🙂


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