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Fabrix Case Laptop Bag (Black Denim) Review – Blend Of Utility & Elegance

I barely invest money into buying cases for my laptop. I use a Dell Inspiron (yep, windows user) and never really bothered to look for any other carrying bag other than the one I got from Dell. But more recently I came across Fabrix cases and was intimidated by their design language at first glance! Courtesy Gearzap, I had Black Denim Laptop Bag for 13″ inch screen at my disposal. Before diving into the review portion, I’d like to say that I am not really good with describing fabrics so please bear with me 😉

Fabrix Case Laptop Bag Black Denim

Starting with the overall style factor, I must admit it is aesthetically pleasing in all manners. The denim design on the exterior gives the case a premium look, combine that with leather handles and it feels a complete carrying case for your laptop or any other item. The interior of the bag features black and white stripes underneath which quilted cushioning has been provided allowing protection against scratches and damage. Fabrix Case cradles the laptop in its entirety nicely!

Fabrix Case Laptop Bag Black Denim Interior

In order to protect the laptop from accidentally coming off from the bag, there is a velcro strap located at the top. Initially I was skeptical about velcro, having this doubt that over the period of time it will get worn out and tired. Fortunately such a thing didn’t happen, I have been using it for almost 3 weeks now and velcro hasn’t yet given up. This being said, I would have still preferred a buckle or something similar for a more reliable and long lasting solution. Nevertheless currently used velcro plays along very well.

Fabrix Case Laptop Bag Black Denim Velcro

Fabrix Black Denim Laptop also has a sturdy back pocket for storing accessories, etc. The back pocket also has velcro placed right in the middle for keeping safe the contents stored. The good part about this is the fact that you can store laptop accessories, mobile phone, wallet, etc without worrying about them accidentally damaging the laptop. A compartmentalized laptop carrying bag 🙂

Fabrix Case Laptop Bag Black Denim Back Pocket

Before concluding this article, I’d like to clarify one small point, this fabrix case laptop bag has been designed specially for protection against scratches and minor drops. For the same purpose it has internal cushioning which keeps the laptop safe and secure. But do not expect the bag to provide resistance against severe knocks or drops. Regardless of what the product page says, “…gives it excellent resistance in the event of a knock or drop”, I feel the case is meant to give the laptop (and you) a dash of style and a certain degree of protection against minor scratches.

Alright, to sum up, I am really happy that Fabrix cases came into my knowledge. Although it has been categorically mentioned that it’s a laptop bag but you can use it for any purpose. The bag does indeed portray sheer beauty and elegance. This Fabrix Case Laptop Bag – Black Denim comes for 2 screen sizes viz. 13″ inch and 15″ inch. You can get it for 49.50$ at Gearzap – Follow this link to buy one.

Fabrix Case In Pictures


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