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FlipFont: Get Rid Of Monotonous Default Symbian Font Style (Review)

There is no limit to customizing your symbian mobile phone, from home-screen to the font styles. Everything can be modified and made visually attractive. Previously I shared alternative home-screen for symbian devices viz. SPB Mobile Shell (Read Review Here); Handy Shell (Read Review Here), etc. All of these did change the look and feel of the home-screen, Menu usability but none of them made any changes to the default font style. FlipFont, is one such application that takes care of beautifying the font style of your Symbian device. A product of Monotype Imaging Inc., FlipFont allows it’s user to replace the default font style of symbian based devices to those of your preference.

FlipFont Review

Being a heavy mobile phone user, I was exhausted seeing the same font over and over everywhere. A change was needed and Flipfont was this change. The core application, which is of about 529 KB (for Nokia 5230, may vary), lists down all the font’s available. You can use any available font and give some rest to the same old monotonous default font. The best thing about FlipFont is, you can move over to any other font as and when you get bored of a particular font style. Thus, it never fails to give a new look to your mobile phone, even though it’s just a font style. Moreover, the font is integrated deep into the system files allowing you to experience the new font virtually in every application that you use on mobile phone (Opera Mini, IM+, Nimbuzz, Fring, Gravity, Snaptu, etc).

Few of the many fonts available

Installing and using FlipFont is easy, just follow the below mentioned steps to use different font’s on your mobile:

  • Install FlipFont mobile application (OVI Store link).
  • Open the application.
  • Select the font you want to use (install).
  • Restart the mobile phone.
  • Voila! You will see the new font.

FlipFont has made it to my collection of “Must Have Applications For Symbian” and I have been using it the day I learned about its existence! There are 3 things that pinched me (and may to its potential users) while using this application, they are:

  1. The pricing. Each font is available for purchase separately costing 0.99$ (Basic application is free.). Though the font is dirt cheap but buying each one of the font you like separately isn’t time saving. It would have been great if they had sold fonts in packages.
  2. Each and every font has to be installed separately before you can view it in the core application for installing and using it. Tedious Task.
  3. A restart button in the application itself is lacking. Much needed addition.

FlipFont is available for Nokia Symbian devices (S60v5, S60v3, Symbian^3) and selected samsung devices (Samsung i8910, Samsung GT-i8510, Samsung GT-i7110, Samsung Omnia HD i8910, Samsung SGH-L870). You can download the latest version of FlipFont directly from OVI Store and Getjar.

This is how some of them looked on my Nokia 5230 –



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