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Best Free Alternative Android Apps For Google Reader

Users of Google Reader are puzzled over the decision to shut down Google Reader, such a useful RSS service provided by Google. There were some issues with regards to a slightly old web user interface of Google Reader but there was nothing Google couldn’t improve upon. Anyhow, starting 1st July, 2013, Google Reader will be shut down respectfully leaving a large number of users searching for an alternative service to ‘feed’ upon.

Google Reader Shut Down

I have been using Google Reader for a long time now and thus feel the need for a reliable RSS Reader solution, which provides both an intriguing web interface as well as an android counterpart. Since the announcement of Google Reader closure, I have been searching for one such service.

Feedly was quick to act and deliver a workable solution, providing a dedicated android solution as well as opening up it’s API for other developer to build upon. Facebook, Digg, AOL are some other which are slowly making their way in RSS Reader arena. Following are the 3 best android applications I have tried and found to be the best solution available till date:

gReader (Free)

gReader RSS Reader

This has been my first choice since a long time now. It provided a plethora of configuration options to match up your reading style. On design front, it has fluid UI, easy on eyes and comfortable to navigate in and out of articles. Moreover, it’s developers have added support for Feedly which means, even though Google Reader shuts down, it will still continue to work.

Android App Play Store Link

Feedly (Free)

Feedly Rss Reader

A web interface, nice looking android application. It’s a complete package. You can easily import Google Reader feeds into your Feedly account with just a click of a button. The android application, though good enough, still needs a number of added functionalities for it to be designated as a complete feed reader app for android. However, even in nascent stage, it serves the purpose well.

Android App Play Store Link

Apart from above mentioned free android applications for feed reader, there are many more available in Google Play Store however, some of them lack support for Feedly, or haven’t been updated yet. My advise would be to use gReader, you won’t be asking for more!


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