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Free Promotional Credits From Entrecard

Few days back i wrote posts about,

Entrecard Starting Sponsorships, and

Enrecard Giving Away Credits At Half Prices

And to remind you the above mentioned offers are STILL VALID and you can STILL avail them. If you haven’t read them or dont know about these offers, just click the link above and you will automatically redirected to the post page.


Coming back to this, once again, For a limited time Entrecard is offering new registered users FREE 200 credits when they become active members of the Entrecard community. The main aim of giving away Free credits is to encourage new users to register with Entrecard and to spend their credits and become familiar with the Entrecard system. There isn’t much to do in order to earn these credits. All you have to do is become a member of Entrecard and stay active for at least 14 days in order to be eligible for receiving these credits.

Besides giving away Free credits to new users, Entrecard is also running a promotion for its current users. It basically is a referral program where in if you (as a registered user) help in promoting Entrecard by inviting new users, you will become eligible to receive 800 credits (previously it was 300 credits) for every new referral that joins Entrecard (and stays active for at least 14 days).


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