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From USA To Mumbai In 17 Years

Nice to hear that Mrs. Madhuri Nene has relocated to Mumbai after spending 17 years in USA after her marriage to renowned doctor who was settled in USA. Madhuri Nene (Dixit) has earned name, fame and wealth in entertainment industry – Bollywood – in India. She was reigning queen when she left the Indian shores. After so many years, Nene family has realised that their roots are in India and they want their children to grow in Indian culture.

Same predicament is faced by almost all Indians commonly known as Non Resident Indian – NRI. They want their children to grow the way they have grown up in India – by obeying their parents and remain tuned to religious beliefs of their parents. Majority of children fail their parents in their expectations.

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These children are not to be blamed because they are born in foreign countries where culture is entirely different and they will do as the Romans do. By paying occasional visits to India, foreign born or those children who left the country at tender age, cannot imbibe Indian culture and they should not be blamed for this. They will imbibe what they see and hear on day to day basis. NRI also should not expect much from their children who are brought up in foreign countries and should accept their way of life. Those Indians who are desirous of relocating to foreign countries should be aware of these pitfalls and weigh the advantages and disadvantages before taking the flight to any foreign country.

As far as Nene family is concerned, they have taken the right decision since Madhuri Nene has earned lot of reputation and wealth, she should devote sometime to social causes also as we have multifarious problems in the country and glamorous persons should become role models and come in front to help solve many burning problems. Hope Mrs. Nene shall find some time once she settles in Mumbai to spare some time for society at large.By doing so she will set good example for other dignitaries, who have achieved a lot in their life to spend some of their valuable time for social causes in whateverway they can and history will remember them not only for their achievement in entertainment industry but also for the society which have given them a lot.


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