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No Comparison Of Experience (Narendra Modi) With Inexperience And Immaturity (Rahul Gandhi)

There is debate going on that 2014 general elections will be between Narender Modi as BJP candidate versus Rahul Gandhi as Congress candidate. First of all there can be no comparison between Narender Modi and Rahul Gandhi. Narender Modi`s credentials are very strong – he has vast experience of administration and have done lot of  development in Gujrat. Infrastructure created by him in the state is world class and industrial growth in the state is magnificent. Big industrial groups like Tata which could not find  space in the other state due to lack of political will and vision for future were  accorded red carpet welcome in the Gujrat state and they set up their plant in record time. As per industry sources, Maruti is planning to set up plant in Gujrat because of recurrent problems being faced by them in the state of  Haryana. Moreover, Narender Modi know the art of inviting foreign companies to invest in Gujrat. Foreign companies are shrewd enough to analyse pros and cons before committing any investment and they have realised that the man at the helm of affairs means business and they will get congenial atmosphere under his stewardship. He has really made Gujrat vibrant state because he has vision for the state.

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If you compare Rahul Gandhi with Narender Modi then what will you compare except that Rahul occasionally goes to Uttar Pradesh to spend few nights with the downtrodden and sometimes to Maharashtra to enquire welfare of the farmers who have been shot dead for raising their voice against land grabbing by illegal means. What other credentials he has besides being that he is the son of  Sonia Gandhi. When there are burning issues, he does not participate in them. When  Anna Hazare agitation was going on in Delhi, he was probably resting in Delhi and when there was bomb blast in Delhi, he just woke up from his slumber and dashed to the hospital to enquire about the well being of Common Man. It is another fact that common man did not share their miseries with the Prince Charming and he has to take hasty retreat from the hospital. Dear Rahul – Common man wants action and intent to do something for the countrymen and just by shedding crocodiles tears, you cannot earn sympathy and love of masses. On the contrary, people of Gujrat have realised that Modi is a man of actions and he means what he says. He may have some shortcomings and blemished past but which man on this earth is perfect. He has regretted his past blemishes in veiled manner in the recent concluded three days fast. Hats off to him that after Godhra riots, he has maintained communal harmony in the state and all the communities are living with dignity in the state since then.

Similarly, at the center-stage, an able administrator who has vision for the country is required. unfortunately, PM Dr. Singh has disappointed all and sundry. People were expecting that being an honest and economist, he would guide the country to greater heights but on the contrary, he has proved to be listless and weak administrator, who does not have control over his ministers and recent scams after scams prove this. He is just yes man of Gandhi family and this is not the people want. Post of PM is vacant and ideal candidate for the same is Narender Modi and wish there were any system in place by which people of this country could change midway PM. 2014  is far away and people of this illustrious country cannot afford to wait till 2014. Even if the change has to come in 2014 then right candidate should be in place and even if Congress/UPA even think of installing Rahul Gandhi as PM then that will be himalyan blunder for the party and  the country will never forgive this mistake.


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