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Gizmore Active GizFit 903 Fitness Watch/Band – Review

Fitness band market is very crowded and everyday we hear of some new launch. This market is dominated by leading brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Huawei, to name a few. But keeping inview of very large market of India, new and emerging brands keep on launching their products here to get some share of the market. Recently, Gizmore known for mobile accessories, audio equipements have launched Gizmore Active GizFit 903 Fitness Band. I have used this band for few days and find it interesting piece of device.

No doubt, GizFit 903 is a Fitness Band but it is also a smartwatch which is an icing on the cake. This Band has 1.3 inch Round IPS display with 240 x 240 PPI resolution. The display is very vibrant and all the icons are multi-colored and which can be seen easily even in sunshine. This Band comes with good quality black strap and also black-red strap which is lighweight and you won’t feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for full day and night. Overall quality of material used for the frame of this Band is quite good and it is light weight.

This Band is enriched with various health features which will prove handy if you are fitness freak. It has features of steps count, calories burn tracking while cycling/walking or running, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, measuring blood pressure, blood oxygen level to name a few. Interestingly, these features perform very well and you can monitor all these activities via Da-Fit App which can be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store. This device is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Besides health features, this Band also has very other useful features which have become indispensable nowadays. You can get call and message notifications when paired with your smartphone, social media updates and weather updates. Besides this, you can control music and camera of your smartphones on this device.

This device is packed with 3.7 V/180 mAh battery which easily lasts for more than a week. It has USB Magnetic charging connector on the back of the device which is first in its class.This device has another useful highlight that it is IP67 waterproof and won’t be any issue if you are using it while facing sudden flush of showers. It has Bluetooth Connectivity 5.0 feature and can be paired easily with your smartphone.

This Band is priced Rs. 2125 and is available on Amazon.in. This is an ideal device for those who want an economical smartwatch/band with health features and good looking lightweight device.


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