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Gmail Error – Logging You Out Automatically

Today while logging into my gmail account i noticed a weird message pop-up after logging into my account. The message said :

gmail error

Respecting the message, i clicked the OK button and was immediately logged out of my account. I, then, again tried to login to my gmail account but alas ! same problem again, i got the same error message. Thinking it to be a server side problem, i then cross verified by logging into my other gmail account, and there was no problem with the other account. Now, this makes one thing clear that something was wrong with only my account. So, i tried searching for some solution and :

  • First, i tried to login to my account using the Incognito Window in google chrome, using that i logged into my account easily and from there i signed off from other session by clicking the Details button near the end of the Inbox page.


  • Secondly, i cleaned up the history of my browser (Google Chrome) and all the cookies.

Following the above mentioned steps, i was able to solve this problem and login to my account without any such errors.

If you too faced a similar kind of error or something similar, please share with us.


  1. Since I have pressed the reset button in my Samsung Champ Deluxe C3312 mobile, I am unable to sign in Gtalk, Please help me to solve my problem.

  2. I had the same problem when i was running the google talk toolbar but when i logged off in the google talk tool bar, all went well.

  3. I was having that problem in chrome browser too.you all know chrome browser came up with a bookmark synchronization with your google account.I think in my case when i was synchronizing the bookmarks with that another session was starting and gmail was saying you are logged in session here.I stooped synchronizing bookmarks and my problem got solved.


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