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The Google Nexus 360 Concept Wearable Smartphone – Images and Features

India’s gadget research website –91mobiles.com – has come out with the Google Nexus 360 concept wearable smartphone, that they believe could be the reality in future. The design and features assumption is based on the evolving wearable and flexible technologies, which has been pioneered by companies like Google, LG and Samsung, to name a few.

Google Nexus 360 shapeshift

The Google Nexus 360 concept phone designed by 91mobiles.com is an integarted device which incorporates the salient fatures of smartwatch. It comes with health apps, security features, flexible display, water and dust proof features, and majority of which are being introduced as  part and parcel of high-end devices of established brands like Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC etc. The day is not far off when the users will not be required to carry multiple mobile devices and one device will meet all the requirements.

The Key features of Google Nexus 360 concept smartphone visualised by 91mobiles.com are :

Google Nexus 360 on wrist

Smartphone that converts into a watch: It can be used as a smartphone as wells as wearable device, encompassing the full range of features available in both modes.

Google Nexus 360 camera (1)

Flexible polymer OLED display: It will  offer great usability and vibrant visuals.

Google Nexus 360 bluetooth headset
Embedded Bluetooth headset: It can be docked on the side of the device, and draws power from it for charging.
An integrated fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor: This device will take care of security, health monitoring and sleep tracking. Integrated sensors and apps will capture related data. These features are already avaialble on Galaxy S5.
Powerful camera for wrist and smartphone : It will make shooting easy, and allows snapping pics from different angles. The same high-resolution camera doubles up as primary camera, along with shooting selfies.

Google Nexus 360 headset and aux display
Always-on e-ink display on the side: To makes sure users don’t miss out on notifications.
Designed for all-weather use: IP67-certified for resistance to the elements -water and dust.

Google Nexus 360 wristband mode

Some of the salient features detailed above, are already available, and many more advancements will be usable in the coming years. Although flexible displays are in nascent stage, but it is not far away from becoming reality.

One more feature, which 91mobiles.com has not pointed out is the need to have eye-correction displays required for smartphones. Since, we spend lot of time on smartphones to read and see visuals, the displays should stand the scrutiny of medical science not to have bad effects on the eyes of the users. We are quite confident that display manufacturers must be doing research on this aspect and we would like to have such displays which will have not have strains on eyes despite heavy usuage.

Speculated Hardware specifications of the Google Nexus360 wearable smartphone:

  • 5-inch Full HD resolution display but with a wider aspect ratio of 2.40:1
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, quad-core processor with clock speed of 2.5GHz
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 64GB / 128GB storage options (non-expandable)
  • 16- Megapixel rotating tube camera with LED Flash and software Image stabilization and support for 4K Video recording
  • 4G/ LTE connectivity
  • Dual Band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC


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