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hike Launches 5000 Free Stickers For Different Moods & Occasions In Indian Languages

hike messenger, one of India’s fastest growing Internet companies, has launched over 5000 new stickers in 30 local Indian languages. With this addition of stickers, this app becomes the largest repository of local Indian stickers amongst any messaging app. The new sticker packs, which are available for free, are specially designed to make messaging fun and help express emotions better in Indian way.

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The sticker packs have colloquial expressions, playful slangs, movie dialogues, popular expressions used in social occasions, greetings, wishes and much more. The stickers have been bucketed under more than 25 categories including region specific lingos such as Punjab Di Shaan, Hyderabadi Aashiqui, Dhakad Haryana and for various social conversations & age-groups with sticker packs like Prem Amar, Heer Ranjha, O womaniya, Smarty Pants, Hostel Masti, Office Office, Gharwalo ke Taane, Yaariya, Bahanebaazi; making messaging a fun, addictive and really playful experience.

hike has also launched automatic Sticker Suggestions in its latest update hike 4.0, which recommends the perfect sticker for every moment based on what users type making it extremely easy for consumers to discover and use stickers. Furthermore, the technology for exchanging stickers has also been designed in such a way that sending stickers consume minimal data and works extremely well on 2G, making it super data efficient and an attractive proposition for consumers across the country.


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