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hike messenger Introduces Free Group Calling On Android Devices

hike messenger app has been updated with group calling feature, which can connect up to 100 people in a call, and is industry first feature. The introduction of this feature will allow users of hike to make free group calls with press of a single button once inside a group chat. Consumers can get this feature by upgrading to the latest version of hike 4.0.4, which is available free on the Google Play Store starting today.


To use this feature, hikers need to simply tap on the Hike Call button inside an existing group chat and hike handles the rest. Once initiated, hike calls out to every member in the group automatically and the call starts as soon as one person gets connected keeping the experience extremely simple. Howver, this feature of free group calls will work over 4G & Wi-Fi to begin with.

Group Calling feature has been added keeping in mind the needs of students and families who love to chat in groups as well as small executives teams whose job demands being in sync with their large teams while on the move, as stated by the company in its press statement.

Group Calling is expected to roll out on iOS, Windows later this year. The launch of this feature is part of a big marketing campaign that will reach over 200 million users across the country. The TV campaign for this feature shows three young girls who are starting up a new business, of selling their granny’s cupcakes using this hike group calls to connect with each other.

hike has mentioed that they have in pipline new features planned for release every month & users can expect atleast one new feature every month.


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