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HTC One: The Ultimate Smartphone – Review

In this age of fast paced technology, a smartphone is no longer a mere cellular phone that you are carrying; rather it is your companion for all times and almost indispensible in the real sense. In fact, the market is flooding with some of the most amazing smartphones and each one of them is distinct in its own way. However, when it comes to HTC One, it seems to be the perfect device among its counterparts because of its thrilling features although the company has not promoted this device to the extent that the rivals have been doing about their smartphones.


To begin with, the features of HTC One are stunning and elegant with a slight curve at the back that makes it comfortable to hold, but the unique appearance is classified by this device with a metal covering at the back and surpasses its competitors in the market. Besides this, the screen of HTC one is an additional feature that adds to its stunning beauty and utility as exhibited by this 4.7 inches model with a full HD resolution. Being a classy device on its own, the HTC One is a sure winner as far as browsing the web is concerned owing to its 1.7 GHz processor that makes it faster than any of the devices of this genre and successfully passed the test on all browsers. The photographs taken with this device display a dazzling array of colors that are magnificent to put it in one word.

The HTC one is backed by with a big 2,300 mAh battery that assists the processor and brightens the screen display. Thus, when this device was put under continuous video playback, this device has the capacity to run over 8 hours conveniently, which is undoubtedly a robust result that aligns well with the battery life of this device. This device has moved ahead of others due to its customization with Android and the Sense 5.0 interface. Although, there are contradictory opinions from different ends regarding Sense, HTC has managed to score above others with this technological wizard, which is a combination of different widgets and icons.

The HTC One has displayed sharpness and appeal, a combination which is rarely to be seen in the other devices of the present times. It is a state-of-the-art device that is expressive and attractive. As a matter of fact, there could not have been a better device with an excellent combination of CPU and RAM along with 32 GB storage and a Bluetooth that is simply the best. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi connection is brilliant. The technological spirit of HTC One is far too good than the other devices of the present times and it is not surprising that it has attained a star status among the smartphone users.

According to the reviews of the users of HTC One, this smartphone is extremely satisfying and none of them have complaints regarding the same. Whether it is the stereo speakers in the front of this device or the all powerful amplifiers, this device has reached the elixir of brilliance for sharing videos, music and games.

To put it simply, HTC One is a device one must possess to experience the smartphone usage in a true sense of the word.


Author:  Christy Root is a technology writer currently based in London. She writes about the mobiles, accessories and trendy gadgets. She gets her gadget news on Prepaymania.



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