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Huawei WS320 Wi-Fi Repeater And Booster Review

If you are reading this article, in most certainty you have been in a situation wherein you were connected to a Wi-Fi network and the moment you moved to some other room, the signal dropped and so did the streaming/downloading (presumably).

It becomes increasingly annoying knowing that though Wi-Fi provides “wireless” internet in your home, office, etc. But the wireless connectivity is limited to certain regions of home, office. To overcome this issue, there aren’t many options but to either:

  1. Replace existing Wi-Fi router with high frequency, more expensive, Wi-Fi router,
  2. Buy a Wi-Fi range repeater/booster,
  3. Avoid dead regions of house with no Wi-Fi coverage (cheapest alternative!)

If you are willing to spend some money than investing in a Wi-Fi range repeater/booster is most viable and affordable option. Huawei WS320 Wi-Fi Repeater does exactly that. It connects to your existing wireless router and extends the range of existing Wireless Signal.

Huawei WS320

Huawei WS320 is a nifty device which looks decent, feels solid and works right out of the box. There are primarily 2 ways of connecting the device with your existing wireless network:

1. WPS Button – This is as easy as it gets.

a. Power on Huawei WS320. Wait for the light on it to turn solid yellow.

b. Now push the WPS button located at front of device.

c. Push WPS button on existing Wi-Fi router.

d. That’s about it. Huawei WS320 will automatically locate your router and pair with it.

2. Manually (In case WPS button doesn’t work) – Refer the video below to manually configure.

Also, you do get an instruction manual in packaging but it’s a wee bit difficult to follow. So the instructions above might help you out.

Moving on to the experience using it. I have been using it for quite some time now and till date I haven’t yet encountered any major issues. Granted there has a connection drop while continuously using it for over 30 hours but that’s understandable.

Huawei WS320 Reset Button

All in all Huawei WS320 IS THE repeater/booster networking device to buy if you are looking to extend the coverage of your existing wireless network. It’s inexpensive, does the job brilliantly well, and blends in with interior courtesy white color, sleek design. In all sincerity I would highly recommend this product.

You can purchase Huawei WS320 Wi-Fi Repeater/Booster for $41.99 from MobileFun – Visit Buy Page



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