Hyundai Reveals First look of 2019 ELANTRA Sedan Launching in India on 3rd October


Hyundai Motor has revealed first look of 2019 Elantra Sedan which will be officially launched in India on 3rd October. Booking for new Elantra has already commenced at Hyundai dealerships across India.

From the images of new Elantra released by Hyundai, one can see that it has sportier and futuristic look. The front of the New 2019 Elantra comes wtih ‘Hexagonal Grille’ which reflects its premium design.

Not only front but back of the car has also been redesigned to given it an elegant look as you can see above. Besides the look, we also expect this Sedan to come with improvements in the interior and entertainment system. We shall come to know about complete details only on 3rd October when it will be officially launched.

Stay tuned for more details in the coming week!


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